‘Ethics Group’ is a professional group of Companies established in 2009. It is one of the fastest-growing Groups providing turnkey solutions in the sectors of Infrastructure Development, Information Technology, End to End Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Aviation.

The Group of Companies was named “Ethics” by the Managing Director and Owner of the Group, who believes in “Business Ethics with Customer Satisfaction”.

‘Ethics Group’ has now established a new Company called ‘ETHICS AVIATION PRIVATE LIMITED’ (EAPL) which will provide end to end service solutions in the Aviation sector.

EAPL is working to provide service solutions in the following segments:

  • Helicopter Services.
  • Fixed Wing Services.
  • Drone Manufacture and Application Services.
  • Aviation Personnel Training Services.

The following paragraphs elaborate on each of the service.

1) EAPL Helicopter Services

To start with, EAPL will use two Airbus Helicopters H125 single engine utility helicopters for non-scheduled operations (NSOP) in Uttarakhand (for shuttles to Char Dham locations) and in the northern states of Uttarakhand, UP, Himachal, UT of Jammu and Kashmir, UT of Ladakh and in the NCR for Charter and Air Ambulance operations. The operations will be limited initially to the above territories during the ‘consolidation phase’ of EAPL to ensure efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness of operations. The ‘main base’ for the helicopters shall be Dehradun.


ETHICS GROUP has been involved with the Uttarakhand State Government in the field of ‘Tourist Safety Management System’. As per the Government of Uttarakhand travel policy, it is mandatory for all tourists who wish to do the CHAR-DHAM YATRA to register themselves and their vehicles before start of journey. ETHICS INFOTECH has built the Web Portal and Mobile App which delivers this service with great efficiency and cost effectiveness. Since ETHICS GROUP is very familiar with the CHAR-DHAM YATRA ecosystem, we have identified a possible business opportunity in providing an end-to-end travel solution for CHAR-DHAM YATRIS which includes complete management of the travel itinerary including taxis, air tickets, hotel stays (including meals), CHARDHAM BY HELICOPTER - 5N/6D TOUR which includes helicopter travel between Dehradun-Yamunotri-Gangotri-Kedarnath-Badrinath-Dehradun.

The aim of this product is to deliver an end-to-end, high quality, efficient and cost effective sacred pilgrimage experience which cannot be matched by anyone else.


While the two helicopters will be dedicated to Char Dham operations in the months of May, June, September and October, they will be used to provide ‘private charter services’ in the remaining months.

    1. The two H125 Helicopters are ‘quick configuration change’ helicopters which can be made ready for Ambulance purpose in four hours. They shall be used for Ambulance Services on ‘as required’ basis.
    2. The Air Ambulance Service will be headquartered in Dehradun and cover the areas of Uttarakhand, UP, Himachal, UT of Jammu and Kashmir, UT of Ladakh and the NCR.


2) EAPL Fixed Wing Services.

  • EAPL intends to operate Fixed Wing aircraft of the 9 to 19 seater category to airports which are supported by RCS funding or State funding.
  • These airports are typically difficult to operate to due to terrain and/or runway length considerations. Examples are Kargil, Thoise, Shimla, Kullu, Pittoragarh, Gaucher, Chinyalisaur etc.
  • EAPL intends to specialize in operations to these type of ‘difficult’ airports.


3) Drone Manufacture and Application Services.

  • EAPL intends to set up a manufacturing unit for manufacture of ‘cargo delivery drones’ and drone related avionics such as radios, telemetry systems, GPS receivers, ADSB, RTK, Video cameras etc.
  • Initial capability is to deliver 500 kg payload.
  • EAPL will also operate these drones at all the sites as required by the various customers


4) Aviation Personnel Training Services.

EAPL will establish and operate training institutions specializing in imparting quality training to personnel directly related to Aviation activities. The first four Training Centres will be:

  • Cabin Crew Training Centre.
  • Pilot Training Centre.
  • Drone Pilot Training Centre.
  • AME Training Institute (co-located with the Pilot Training Centre).
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